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Animals are one of the most essential threads in the chain of life. The resources we get from animals have no near substitutes yet often the instances of animal cruelty are witnessed. For pleasure, fun and sometimes in the name of religion animals are bruta lly tortured and killed. There are laws and provisions to […]
  1. Legislation Analysis
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  3. Public Policy
India is an agriculture rich country. Majority population is engaged in agricultural activities. They earn their hard earned bread and butter through farming and it can be regarded as the only source of income. Government has introduced many reforms and legislations to help the farmers especially those who come under the ambit of marginalized farmers. […]
  1. Contemporary Law
While the Goods and Service Tax (GST) has been widely described as the major tax restructuring in the Indian history after the economic liberalization of 1991, the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code (Code) is also reviewed for effectiveness as yet another landmark contemporary law. As a significant policy action, aptly praised to deal with various problems occurring […]
  1. Contemporary Law
  2. Intellectual Property Rights
We live in an era where all the activities which can be done on earth can be predicted to be done in outer space as well. With the technological advancements and rapid developments in outer space activities, the days of colossal success are not far from being tenet. Decades back, when outer space was first […]


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