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The Indian judicial system is encountering a serious setback. In the independent India, the doctrine of rule of law positioned the judiciary as a powerful pole of democracy. In the course of time, there has been a drastic destruction of the lawfulness of the judiciary as a sign of honesty and integrity. The differing tugs […]
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Even though India as a nation has witnessed several progressive changes recently, the labour legislations in India are complex and numerous. The Central and state governments manage the public and private sector enterprises depending on the type of business they are doing and the total number of employees they have. With each state passing their […]
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In the middle of this tumultuous pandemic, the Indian Government implemented a scheme to ameliorate the condition of public health in the country, using digital technology. The Government introduced a mobile contact tracing application called AarogyaSetu to track down the growth of Covid-19 cases and it became the worlds’ quickest app to reach 5 crore […]
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Law is a tool of the mankind which comprises of regulations of behaviour, activity or conduct of an individual, created and imposed by the State. The chief purpose of the law is to bring tranquillity and firmness in the community. The law has not yet explained who is a dead person but it has acknowledged […]
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Domestic workers come from unprotected communities and rural regions and they provide important services to the society. Most of them are poverty-stricken, unlettered, untrained and unacquainted with the urban labour market. Their work is under-appreciated, underpaid and poorly regulated. Absence of reasonable payment, quality working environment, cruelty, maltreatment, sexual harassment are the major problems. The […]


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