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  2. Public Policy
Matrimony -A legally and socially sanctioned union, usually between a man and a woman regulated by-laws, documentations, customs, beliefs, and mindsets that prescribe the partners and accords' rights and duties status to their offspring (if any). Traditionally, marriage is the sacred union of two souls, agreeing to get into the contract of taking a step […]
  1. Intellectual Property Rights
This blog will discuss the concept of geographical indications, its international evolution, and related case-laws. Contents1 Introduction2 Geographical Indication Protection Internationally& Evolution of the term3 Various Instances of Geographical Indication, Registration3.1 Darjeeling Tea Case3.2 Erode Turmeric3.3 Basmati Rice4 Related Case Laws 4.1 Tea Board of India v. ITC Ltd.4.2 BanglarRasogolla v. Odisha Rasagola4.3 Scotch Whisky […]
  1. Gender
  2. Public Policy
The Indian judicial system is encountering a serious setback. In the independent India, the doctrine of rule of law positioned the judiciary as a powerful pole of democracy. In the course of time, there has been a drastic destruction of the lawfulness of the judiciary as a sign of honesty and integrity. The differing tugs […]
  1. Contemporary Law
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The world is embracing the digital life as an extension of one’s life. Social media has integrated seamlessly into everyone’s life across the globe. Today, it has gone above and beyond the spectrum of just recreation and socialization. This article analyses the potential coadunation of social media and the criminal justice system. The use of […]
  1. Contemporary Law
  2. Gender
  3. Public Policy
Even though India as a nation has witnessed several progressive changes recently, the labour legislations in India are complex and numerous. The Central and state governments manage the public and private sector enterprises depending on the type of business they are doing and the total number of employees they have. With each state passing their […]
  1. Legislation Analysis
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Animals are one of the most essential threads in the chain of life. The resources we get from animals have no near substitutes yet often the instances of animal cruelty are witnessed. For pleasure, fun and sometimes in the name of religion animals are bruta lly tortured and killed. There are laws and provisions to […]
  1. Primis Report
In the middle of this tumultuous pandemic, the Indian Government implemented a scheme to ameliorate the condition of public health in the country, using digital technology. The Government introduced a mobile contact tracing application called AarogyaSetu to track down the growth of Covid-19 cases and it became the worlds’ quickest app to reach 5 crore […]
  1. Primis Report
  2. Public Policy
The COVID 19 pandemic has led to a situation wherein Governments across the world have devised digital solutions including tracking apps, which have unbridled access to a person’s sensitive personal data. Countries with a lack of data protection and privacy laws give an upper hand to the Governments to mandate apps bypassing the ethical principles […]
  1. Criminal Law
The most important factor while discussing the intersection of the Indian Judiciary and the right to dissent guaranteed by the Constitution of India is the Contempt of Court Act, 1971. This issue has come to the fore since the Supreme Court of India convicted former Supreme Court justice Prashant Bhushan on the charge of criminal […]

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