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Mohit Ranjan


Hi, I’m Mohit Ranjan, passionate about technology and I love growth hacking.

I am a growth hacker and a digital entrepreneur.

There is nothing else that excites me more than the digital marketing world. I just enjoy my time there. I have been exploring digital marketing since I was in 6th Grade.

I have been blogging and freelancing for the last five years. Now, I help brands and people to grow using growth hacking techniques.

I have worked with several Social Media brands in the past.

I am always open to new ideas and conversations.

Kanishta Naithani


 I am a Kanishta a third year student at Symbiosis Law School, Pune.  I have written 20+ articles which have been published online as well as offline on matters of law and society.

In the legal field the craft of writing and language remain paramount. Yet, the most common issue faced by most people in the legal field is the language itself. This difficulty is ten fold for anyone not from the legal background. 

The law gives people a multitude of rights, yet because of the language these rights remain inaccessible. 

In order to make law accessible, we need to first make it readable and understandable.


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