Pandemic has brought us numerous problems, everyone is facing inconveniences but in their own specially tailored forms. Today, reforms are needed in every segment of the economy, be it for a mainstream investment company or a small vendor down the road from you. Though the need for change has never altered, people always come up with solutions and innovative ideas. However, the need of the hour is to analyze the situation and focus on filling gaps.

Notably, in the stream of the law, there have been company laying-off lawyers, terminating ongoing projects. Still, there exist sectors which not only are continuously endured but are also hiring even more lawyers after the lockdown started, so, it is imperative to comprehend the problem at hand first, which will indeed help to find the solution and thrive with our abilities.

How has pandemic affected job approachability?

It will be fictitious if said, that even before the pandemic, jobs were easy to come by. Jobs which pay good need a certain amount of commitment and skill, for which lawyers’ work-on skill development starting from the very beginning of their career; be it top law firms which need people who can put in hours to discover and articulate, to find ground-breaking solutions or be it practising lawyers needing good drafting skills and research ability.

This was not a cakewalk even before, and after the pandemic, it will be even trickier. In only a few months it is said that pandemic has swallowed one in every ten jobs, for lawyers the paradigm shift from courts to screen seems to be going on forever. With people splitting their time between working in an office and working from home, a corporate desk is a luxury.

A question of budget and real-estate in a metro city has become a mere status symbol for many working corporate firms. Most of the law firms working with one-third of their capacity will soon enough lose interest in paying those sitting home if situation ponders. Even top firms have no choice in the matter but to adapt to the situation, for that people must become more efficient to detain their positions anywhere. More emails, video conferences and more screen time have raised questions of technical soundness.

Lawyers who tend to have a sharper knowledge to mend problems coming in these phases will gain popularity among executive and hiring committees. Effects are seen on the parts of business travels and will affect the companionship one seeks in these affairs, as it has been limited due to social distancing. With already existing problems of rapidly increasing automation, the pandemic has taken jobs while decreased the approachability significantly.

Alternate working modules

Contingent working strategies will prevail long after the lockdown is over, as pandemic has brought firms in a state where they need an efficient working and save money concurrently. The pressure to adopt new methods be it new HR strategies or segregation of critical skill sets. There is a social strain which every employer must go through to resolve the dilemma relating to the new strategy. While most employers understand the humanitarian crisis, they will still have to put the working lawyers through the course of hard work to reach the epitome of effectiveness.

The balance between transparency and humane treatment will be the judgement of any firm’s reliability. Progressive firms have always been transparent about how they are indulging their employees despite cost-cutting measures so that the idea of feasibility with knowledge partnership does not go obsolete. This will act as a rule book for the emergence of top-tier employers. The changeover from efficiency to reliance can be easily detected in any firm from an employee point of view. They have been given varied, adaptable and flexible tasks to prove their worthiness.

Increased need in specific sectors

COVID and Job Scarcity - What industries have been hiring more lawyers?

Pandemic has increased the human resource expense in many sectors like medical and industry dealing with the essential supplies market. The boom in the legal sector is specific, and as some has lost their means to earn, other industries have gained to need to hire more. Delinquent to the fact, there was a need for better quality lawyers in the courts. According to the Bar Council of India, more than 40% of lawyers practising all over are counterfeited.

Quality lawyers would mean in lessening the state burden as that would encourage out of court settlements. Famous jurist, Niklas Luhmann, has remarked lawyers as for social scientists, as it is lawyers who bring the ultimate social change. Thus, there are many benefits and detriments of this, but even then it would decrease the burden of courts today. India is seen as an archetype of economic growth in the whole of southern Asia, but even our neighbouring countries are ahead in social development.

Need for faster social solutions, arising from contractual problems, has to lead to a new pickle during a pandemic. Demand for constructive solutions has rapidly increased, and employers are looking for people to find loopholes to get out of labour lawsuits. Daily wage construction workers or be it desk job workers, employers are trying to get rid of as much as possible due to surface problems of finance and human resource handling. The idea to erupt as fewer lawsuits as possible has given way for hiring more labour law and industry experts, as outsourcing labour would be the latest reform.

Environmental problems due to an increase in the use of plastic for protective gear has increased the issue of sustenance and durability of human life post-pandemic. Dealing with already piled up court cases and rising new issues have given environment tribunals a spin. The more environmentally conscious people are still to the mark of scrutinizing every move, which may be even for the safety of people or increased water consumption in daily lifestyle.

COVID and Job Scarcity - What industries have been hiring more lawyers?

Increased screen time has not only given a chance to the high demand in IT firms but has also resulted in increased dealing of technical matters more. Information technologies and the evolution in cyber laws have come a long way during a pandemic, fast solution to all issues and contractual obligations emerging due to lack of in-person meeting needs a contractual as well as a cyber law expert. New ways to address problems arising today and need to render such ideas for complete avoidance of the issues in future is resulting in hiring more cyber specialists.

Restriction on international travels and transport is there to stay, and the laws related to the free will of the countries to exchange goods and services will be redundant. Each nation needs to become more self-sufficient to increase dependence on other resources. New forms of energy resources will be essential, and the need for better advisory both to the creator and the government to regulate is needed.

Sectors of employment will change patterns and the basis on which they employ people as they will need now new more contingent form of workers to save money and to exploit more resources. New laws are required to protect the interest of those in these sectors. Any employer needs to hire good advisors to predict the change in laws and their implementation in coming time.

Exploitation in the medical field has raised its bar to higher levels. As there is an increased need for new research and medicine, the exploitation of animals and humans has increased in the course of the last two months. Pharmaceutical companies and research labs are looking for ways to address the loopholes effectively without raising any legal questions. Hand in hand evaluation of intellectual property and rights of the people are the new way of companies to flourish, and they have been hiring more lawyers than before to figure out the conflicts involved.

More evolution in marketing strategies, as the need for essential goods, seemed to increase making other markets prone to loses. Competition law experts to advise on the steps taken by these companies to render the competition and enter markets once again is an essential step towards their growth. The profound level of adherence to a post-pandemic strategy is to be evaluated throughout their business plan is the much-needed step towards success.

There is no success without the help of reliable people, and reliance develops through the dispute. The dispute resolution plays an essential part during a pandemic. As the courts shifted to on-screen methods, the preference of cases changed. The matters of not grave importance are being rejected, but they still exist. These matters are dealt with in arbitration/mediation. The nation is need of more mediators, and out of court settlements thought. Incensed in the proactive participation of third party settlements people have started to lean towards Alternate dispute resolution resulting in increased demand for arbitrators and mediators.


COVID and Job Scarcity - What industries have been hiring more lawyers?

In conclusion, there are industries where the need for better legal advice and lawyers has increased due to the pandemic, and there is a situation where expert legal advice is essential. The minute detail of any sector’s employment reflects the need for efficiency and good work ethics. Increased number of bogus lawyers over the years has emerged as a more significant problem now more than ever. People who want to enter the legal profession today will have to settle for the reality that has been shaped by the pandemic and will have to adapt to be successful.

The firms will cut short on employment, and social distancing will be the emblem for any top-tier law firm companies. The need for increasing efficiency and pressure for introducing new work ethics is the unique role that any lawyer will find profitable in the near future. This is the time is to enhance skills, become technically sound and mentally able. By adapting to the unwelcomed changes brought by the pandemic, a lawyer can show his wit, skill, resilience and prove that lawyers are the first and foremost programmed to adapt to change in an efficient manner.

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