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Recently we witnessed the 31st anniversary of an ominous event named “Tiananmen square massacre”. This event shook the entire world as in this event a sane and crucial demand by the students was brutally crushed by the high handed Chinese government. This move of the Chinese government transgressed some basic human rights of the protestants. […]
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Pandemic has brought us numerous problems, everyone is facing inconveniences but in their own specially tailored forms. Today, reforms are needed in every segment of the economy, be it for a mainstream investment company or a small vendor down the road from you. Though the need for change has never altered, people always come up […]
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The world throughout has seen many epidemic diseases. The scale at which the respiratory contagious disease COVID-19 is unparalleled. There is no cure developed so the only solution is prevention. The only solution now is social distancing which is being enforced by the governments of different countries through the lock down. This disease has more than three quarters of the world in lock down. India has never faced such an outbreak. A lock down has never been enforced in India. This article with respect to the current health crisis examines the difference between a lock down and a curfew.



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The suffering that Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribe have faced from ancient times is undeniably humongous. Though the passing of Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribe Act is itself an achievement for backward classes but the major thrust remains on its effective implementation. Through this blog, we will analyse about coherent reasons for this legislation. Apart […]
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Trademarks have existed for ages. Although the use of trademark has changed quite it bit. Earlier the purpose of trademark was quality check, and now it has more to do with brand recognition. Once again the focus of trademark is shifting, now trademarks have global value. They are a means of recognition. As technology makes […]


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