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  1. Gender
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  4. Public Policy
In the words of Betty Friedan, the right to abortion is a matter of individual conscience and conscious choice for the woman concerned. Abortion, or as called in legal terms medical termination of pregnancy is an important family planning decision, and rather an overly emotional journey. Abortion law as a subject has also given way […]
  1. Gender
“Daughters must be given equal rights as sons. The daughter remains a loving daughter throughout life. The daughters as coparcener (shall remain) throughout life, irrespective of whether her father is alive or not,” Justice Arun Mishra. Over the years there has been conflicting views on daughter’s right to inherit the ancestral property. This article gives […]
  1. Primis Report
The significance of extraditing fugitives and bringing them to Indian courts cannot be adequately emphasized. In addition to providing timely justice and redressal of grievances, it also serves as a deterrent against fugitives. However, India’s success rate in extraditing fugitives is low; Only one in every three fugitives is successfully deported to India. This article […]
  1. Gallery
  2. Primis Report
For ensuring smooth conduct of any democratic society it is necessary to give the right to freely express their views and opinions to members of the society- John Milton. This also applies to the judicial system of any country for the betterment of its administration. However, the Contempt of Courts Act, 1971 gives the judiciary […]

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