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  1. ADR
  2. Contemporary Law
This Article is written by Aakansha Gupta. To cope up with the progressing advancement of the Indian economy, coupled with a lot of commercial international disputes “Online Dispute Resolution” has been an emerging trend for resolving matters through online mode of communication without geographical limitation and in a cost-effective manner. This article particularly focuses on […]
  1. Uncategorized
This article is written by Aakansha Gupta Endorsement is seen as a platform for displaying the characteristics and usages of a product, and extract comparsion with other products with “invitation to offer” with the product or service by communicating there presence through celebrity personalities attracting attention. In the case ofDonoghue v. Stevenson [1]is still considered […]
  1. Good Reads
  2. Public Policy
This Article is written by Aakansha Gupta In 21st century though in a democratic country like India the citizens are provided with the fundamental right of Freedom of speech and expression but it is sadly not practised as prima facie. The journalists specially are facing violent death threats through online mode merely because they are […]

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